I’m sure every attorney reading this has experienced a tough case. Perhaps one that has gone sideways, had poor medical management, questionable liability, or was a confusing poly-trauma case that was difficult to understand.  

No personal injury case, client, impairment, or disability is alike. Many times when a client has multiple musculoskeletal and cognitive deficits, it can be hard to know what issue(s) to prioritize and how to determine a causal relationship between the injury and the impairment or disability.

Without a solid understanding of the causation, impairments, disabilities, and the associated damages related to them, it can be difficult to properly build effective demand and damages reports. Insurance companies are well-practiced at spotting inadequacies and loopholes in ill-prepared reports which can make getting the case settled in mediation impossible.

As an attorney fighting for your client, you need the tools to prove your client’s case. We provide you with these tools by helping you understand the true nature of the case, identify your client’s true impairments and disabilities, clarify your client’s current and future medical and rehabilitative care and even break down the costs associated with their care and condition. 

Let us help you improve your case outcomes with our expert medical and rehabilitative legal analyses that ensure your case has well documented medical evidence prepared and delivered in clear and concise reports. 

At Injury Reporting Consultants, we specialize in providing expert reports such as functional capacity evaluations, vocational and earning capacity evaluations, medical cost projections, and life care plans that will support your legal documents and help you obtain a swift and fair settlement.

Dr. Brad Poppie has over 20 years of personal injury experience not only as a treating doctor but as an expert witness in trial.  If you have a client that you would like to discuss their need for an expert report, please contact me directly at 720-982-2000 or email me at: brad@injuryreportingconsultants.com


Dr. Brad Poppie, DPT, CLCP, CFCE, CSCS  
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Life Care Planner
Medical Cost Projection Specialist 
Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist