Expert Witness Testimony Services

As a personal injury attorney, your case depends on your ability to prove the validity or invalidity of liability and damages. This means providing the judge or jury with information that is not only accurate but delivered by an unbiased and trusted messenger.  At Injury Reporting Consultants (IRC), we partner with you to serve as expert witnesses on your clients’ case and have the credentials and history of unbiased representation to ensure our testimony is viewed as both viable and credible. 

In an age when facts are consistently in question and experts become talking heads, IRC experts are trusted for their independence and skilled data-based testimony provided to support plaintiff and defense cases alike.  

Backed by years of knowledge and experience in the legal realm of personal injury, our skill on the stand is proven. We have testified and been a deponent in court numerous times as retained experts, consultants, and treating providers, and we break down the objective details of an injury report to the judge or jury in a way that helps them see our conclusions as evident and helps bring a fair outcome for all those involved in the case.

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Expert Testimony Services

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At IRC, we understand every person’s life is affected differently by injury and so is their case.

As a result, we offer free case evaluations to personal injury attorneys to help us better understand your needs and ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your client.

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