I often have attorneys call and ask, “How do we help the jury fully understand the extent of our client’s injuries and how their impairments affect their life?”  My answer is always the same, “They won’t understand until there is a doctor on the stand that can translate medical terminology into layman’s terms, and how those terms have actually disabled their life.”

The complex linguistic nature of medical jargon has always been the “Achilles’ heel” of an injury case. When insurance companies and juries don’t understand the client’s medical records or the extent of an injury there can be a huge delta between the perception of the injury and how the injury has actually affected the client’s livelihood. Without a complete, understandable explanation of how the client’s impairments and disabilities affect their ability to perform vocational tasks, activities of daily living, and leisure activities, a case can easily become deadlocked. If this happens, any unnecessary stalls cause the client to suffer.

Our job at Injury Reporting Consultants is to provide understandable expert reports and to help educate attorneys, both plaintiff and defense, to understand medical jargon and break it down into simple terms that insurance adjusters and a jury can easily understand.

I, Dr. Brad Poppie, have 20 years of personal injury experience not only as a treating doctor but as an expert witness in trial. If you have a client that may be a candidate for IRC services, please contact me directly at 720-982-2000 or email me at: brad@injuryreportingconsultants.com