Independent Medical Examination

During the course of treatment for a work or personal injury, sometimes a claims representative may decide to request a second opinion from another physician. This is where an independent medical evaluation (IME) comes in.

An independent medical evaluation is conducted when an injured party requires a third-party opinion and documentation to determine the cause, extent, and medical treatment of an automobile related accident or other type of injury where liability is an issue.

An IME can be requested by different parties, including insurance companies, lawyers, benefit providers, employers or HR managers. An objective, independent medical evaluation report is provided after the examination is done to help confirm or deny any benefits or settlements to the claimant. 

An independent medical evaluation is used to resolve complex questions related to the client’s medical condition. Usually, it’s conducted at the request of an insurance company, attorney, or employer to get an independent opinion of an individual’s clinical status. 

When is an IME requested?

  • If an employer, attorney, or insurance company disagrees with a decision by your treating doctor about your course of treatment
  • If there’s a dispute about the cause or extent of your injuries in a personal injury case
  • If there’s a dispute about the extent of a permanent injury-related disability
  • If the judge orders an IME to help resolve any disputed issues related to your case
  • In some states, the client has the right to request an IME in case they disagree with the opinion about their medical condition or permanent disability by their treating doctor
Independent Medical Examinations