Medical Bill Review

As a personal injury attorney representing your client, you often wonder if the medical bills that they incur due to their injury are usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR). Like you, insurance companies also ask this question when processing a personal injury claim, which can lead to a delay or withholding of payment. The best way to resolve this dispute is often with  a Medical Bill Review report. 

At IRC, our Certified Professional Billers (CPB) help you conduct medical bill reviews and develop reports for you and your clients so all parties have a clear picture of how the specific medical care and its costs conform to accepted industry standards. In our experience, this report more often than not ends an insurance company’s inquiry and supports their decision to pay disputed fees.   

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Functional Capacity Evaluations

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At IRC, we understand every person’s life is affected differently by injury and so is their case.

As a result, we offer free case evaluations to personal injury attorneys to help us better understand your needs and ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your client.

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