Medical Case Management

Typically, medical case management is the process in which a medical doctor helps guide patient treatments to regain independence and improve their quality of life through the coordination of treatment services for those who have complex medical needs.  

While this is an integral part of a medical case management model, Injury Reporting Consultants helps manage the personal injury case from when the client is finished with treatment up until the case settles. 

IRC is unique in that we work with the attorney during this critical and important timeline to help the attorney take the medical record information and successfully present a thorough and extremely informative set of expert reports to move toward a fair settlement.

Traditional medical and radiological models do not focus on the true injury at stake, and therefore, add little if any information to a case.  Our expert panel of medical physicians have an algorithm that every case goes through from a forensic case evaluation standpoint to actually determine causation backed up with evidence based practice research. 

Dispute resolution is our objective and our physicians will guide you through the settlement process from a medical point of view to give you a clear understanding of the key elements you need to understand your client’s injury. 


Medical Case Management