Medical Cost Projections


When time is of the essence, personal injury attorneys like you use medical cost projection (MCP) reports to quickly assess and detail a claimant’s specific non-catastrophic injury or illness. These limited-scope reports can provide a quick turnaround in instances where client coverage may be limited or in mediation preparation to help expedite a streamlined settlement process. 

When preparing a medical cost projection, we’ll determine the expected health care needs of a patient and collect data on what expenses will be incurred for the necessary evaluations and interventions, hospitalization, rehabilitation, medications, durable medical equipment, and supplies required to fully address the medical issue at hand. This information will be provided to you in a clear and concise report.

Before we conduct an MCP, our experts will work with you to ensure it fits your needs. Because it is a high-level approach to reviewing medical records, determining future medical care based on the patterns of care in the records, anticipated outcomes, and identifying the costs for future care may not be appropriate for some cases. While we would recommend an MCP to help referrals understand medical damages on a case or for setting reserves in mediation, we would not recommend it for the cases involving individuals who have experienced catastrophic damage. In those instances, a Life Care Plan report is more appropriate. Still, in the appropriate situation, MCPs are a valuable asset for personal injury attorneys who need to ensure an injured individual’s needs are identified and met both quickly and fairly. We are standing by ready to help develop an MCP when that situation occurs.   

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Medical Cost Projections

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