Medical Cost Projections


These assessments have a more limited scope and are simplistic compared to a comprehensive Life Care Plan.  They are appropriate when there is a specific non-catastrophic injury or illness at stake. Medical Cost Projections “MCP” are typically used when a rapid turnaround is needed and there is limited insurance available.  These insightful reports can also help in mediation preparation to help expedite a streamlined settlement process. 

In preparing a medical cost projection, we determine the expected health care needs of a patient and collect data on what expenses will be incurred for the necessary evaluations and interventions, hospitalization, rehabilitation, medications, durable medical equipment, and supplies required to fully address the medical issue at hand. 

A Medical Cost Projection is a not-so-detailed process of reviewing medical records, determining future medical care based on the patterns of care in the records, anticipated outcomes, and identifying the costs for future care.  MCP reports are much more abbreviated when compared to a Life Care Plan report. An MCP is typically completed when the referral is attempting to understand the medical damages on the case, such as setting reserves in mediation.  MCP’s are completed for a non-catastrophic case or when there is limited future medical care needed. 

Medical Cost Projections

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IRC delivers expert reporting services designed to project the life-long health care needs on an objective basis for economic loss valuation for individuals who have been catastrophically or non-catastrophically injured. Our reports are created by an expert transdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who carefully evaluate the needs of each individual client to help optimize their quality of life and minimize future complications arising from their injury.

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