Generating the Comprehensive Life Care Plan

Life care planning services by IRC develops customized and comprehensive life care plans that encompasses both present and future medical care and rehabilitation needs for medical-legal cases created from a systematized process.

Once a clear picture of healthcare needs emerges, we estimate expenses for durable medical equipment, consumable supplies, professional fees, hospitalization, institutional or home care, medical and rehabilitation services, home modifications, and other needs. We then present the completed Comprehensive Life Care Plan to you and we discuss it together so you completely understand it.

Life Care Plans should be done in any case where future medical and non-medical care is being recommended. It is a common belief that a Life Care Plan should only be done in the case involving “catastrophic” injury; this is not true. Collaboration with a medical expert can identify the need for future medical and non-medical care arising from claimed injuries. This may take the form of a single surgical procedure, other treatment interventions such as injections, pain management modalities, therapies and/or medications. There can be considerable costs associated with any and all of these items.