When trying to settle a personal injury claim, the plaintiff attorney must provide a projection of reasonable future medical care and associated costs to the insurance company and defense. Many attorneys try to take the bull by the horns and complete this task within their law firm.

There can be several potential problems when an attorney attempts to complete these reports on their own. One of the biggest issues is when a patient may need specialized or more extensive treatment for their injury than an attorney is aware of. Without a proper understanding of medicine and rehabilitation, the reports may be lacking critical information that will leave a significant amount of money on the table. I like to look at it as, “what you don’t know can and will hurt your case.”

After having our certified life care planners, doctors, and legal nurse consultants review the client’s file, additional future treatments / procedures are often discovered which significantly change the future costs of care for the client. By working with our specialized medical reporting professionals, these two critical disciplines, law and medicine, work together to show the appropriate documentation needed to ensure a swift resolution of the claim at stake.

Another potential pitfall of trying to construct medical cost projections in-house is that many healthcare offices are reluctant to provide patient information to law offices. This can create massive friction when talking with the appropriate treating professionals about the future care recommendations of your client. By having doctors and other certified practitioners on our team, we are able to talk with these otherwise reluctant professionals on a different level and get the information needed to put together a solid medical cost projection.

Our job at IRC is to educate your firm about the future care / costs that your client will need regarding their personal injury. We do this by creating simple and easy to read reports that provide a high level of understanding between both plaintiff and defense to help get the claim settled in mediation. You can put your trust in Injury Reporting Consultants to help streamline your case and make your job easier.
I, Dr. Brad Poppie, have 20 years of personal injury experience not only as a treating doctor but as an expert witness in trial. If you have a client that may be a candidate for IRC services, please contact me directly at 720-982-2000 or email me at: brad@injuryreportingconsultants.com
Dr. Brad Poppie, DPT, CLCP, CFCE, CSCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Life Care Planner
Medical Cost Projection Specialist
Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist