Medical Bill Review

As an attorney representing your client, you often wonder if the medical bills that they incur due to their injury are usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR). Many times, when a personal injury claim is being processed, the usual, customary and reasonableness of the medical bills can sometimes be queried.  Without a Medical Bill Review, it is unknown if the medical bills are within reasonable limits for certain codes within the geographic area where the equipment was received or treatment was provided. 

Both plaintiff and defense attorneys find these reports useful in order to help insurance adjusters or juries understand the reasonableness of the charges at stake.  Once a Medical Bill Review is completed, you will have a clear picture how the specific medical care and its costs conform to industry accepted standards.

Our bill reviews are performed by Certified Professional Billers (CPB) and our reports are evidence-based, reliable, and defensible. Our straightforward and easy to understand reports allow inquiring parties to understand their compensability relative to the UCR of the related medical expenses.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

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IRC delivers expert reporting services designed to project the life-long health care needs on an objective basis for economic loss valuation for individuals who have been catastrophically or non-catastrophically injured. Our reports are created by an expert transdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who carefully evaluate the needs of each individual client to help optimize their quality of life and minimize future complications arising from their injury.

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